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Szczepan Wójcik

Founder and president of the Institute of Agricultural Economy, farmer and entrepreneur. A leading Polish breeder of American mink (president of the Polish Fur Industry Association), as well as poultry and cattle. The community of fur animal breeders is represented in the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, one of the most important business organizations in Poland.

IT specialist and manager by education, MBA graduate. Consultant in the field of new technologies in agriculture. Creator of the popular internet television and the industry portal SwiatRolnika.Info, which is one of the most important national media devoted to the countryside and the agricultural industry.

Philanthropist, founder of the Polish Soil Foundation promoting not only knowledge about agriculture (including as part of the social campaign „We explain the village to the city”), but also dealing with ecological and, above all, patriotic topics.

He regularly appears in the media, commenting on topics related to the situation of Polish agriculture, becoming one of the faces of the Polish countryside.


The New Green Deal will bring many changes to the way European agriculture functions.
The narrative imposed by the European Commission is unambiguous – the new regulations are to be an opportunity for development.
Unfortunately, EU agricultural organizations are not so optimistic about strenuous changes.
In an interview with Karolina Hernik from the Institute of Agricultural Economics, Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen talks about the effects of introducing a green deal.

Importantly, in Poland, this order is promoted as a way to strengthen small family farms. According to the Secretary, these policies can: „deepen the concentration of farms, which is contrary to what the Commissioner said, and could lead to the destruction of family farming in the European Union.”

About our Institute

The Institute of Agricultural Economics

is an agricultural think tank established in 2015. The organization focuses its activities on the monitoring of legislative processes related to the agricultural industry, conducting analyzes and participating in the current social and economic life.

The activity of the think tank is, above all, a regular presence in the Polish media – the Institute’s experts appear wherever agriculture is mentioned. Representatives of the Institute of Agricultural Economy take the floor in parliamentary work, defending the interests of the Polish countryside during the legislative process. The Institute of Agricultural Economics supports Polish farmers against arbitrary decisions of public administration, providing legal services and publicizing every manifestation of injustice.

The activities of the Institute of Agricultural Economics involve a group of experts from various fields, who with their knowledge and skills are able to effectively influence Polish policy and create the discourse of public debate on agriculture.

The activities of the think tank concern not only Polish but also European policy, and the Institute undertakes activities related to European Union regulations in the field of agriculture. Experts from the Institute of Agricultural Economy fully understand the fact that it is in Brussels that the regulations that will determine the future of agriculture in the Old Continent are created.


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